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Lockdown ends with Bud-burst

it's the most curious thing...

for so long, these extraordinary plants undertake their own lockdown. From leaf-fall in November through to April, they look like nothing more than lifeless twigs protruding out of the ground.

But a few weeks ago, once pruning was complete, and they were tied into their fruiting wire, you can start to see sap starting to flow and weeping. the lifeless twigs start to re-engage; waiting for the right time to explore into life.

Well this easter weekend, life has simply muscled its way back. The vines' lockdown falters. Buds literally erupt. And first leaves force themselves out to herald the arrival of the new season.

Welcome to the 2020 growing season. Plenty of other nasties might - but one thing that won't be affecting our vines is Corona virus. Reason enough one feels to be cheerful.

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